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Commercial Decorators

Painted Surfaces offers a professional painting and decorating service for any commercial property.
All types of commercial buildings:

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Doctor
  • Dentist Surgeries
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Public Houses
  • Night Clubs
  • Schools
  • Apartments
  • Rest Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Retail Shops
  • Entrances
  • Hallways and Corridors of Blocks of Flats
  • Retirement Apartment Blocks
  • all Communal Areas of Public Buildings

Also all types of businesses painted and decorated, inside and outside of any buildings. High quality paint and floor coverings used to ensure our best service at all times.

Painted Surfaces is very well established and has been in the painting and decorating trade for over 15 years and the experience and knowledge gained in the painting and decorating trade is second to none. All work carried out in a professional, reliable and friendly manner, offering a high level of workmanship using the best quality paint together with sensible prices.

Painting / decorating on ceilings, walls, doors, staircases, coving and skirting boards, covering both inside and outside of any building.

Painted Surfaces offers help and guidance on colour schemes, and wallpaper designs, to enhance the internal and external fixtures and fittings of the building. New Buildings also painted and decorated - commercial properties, shopping centres - all done with the minimum of fuss, quickly and efficiently before the shop or office is fitted out.

Managing Agents, Letting Agents, Estate Agents and Landlords

Painted Surfaces offer commercial contracts or arrange be-spoke painting and decorating from an individual room to an entire building.

If you are responsible for obtaining quotes to re-decorate blocks of flats or houses that you manage or properties which are rented out through your agency. Maybe you are the managing agent and it is your responsibilty to oversee the re-decoration of all communal areas in blocks of flats or in apartment blocks, please contact Painted Surfaces who offers free no obligation, written quotes, to arrange a mutually convenient time to visit the property.

Landlords who let properties to private individuals or a whole house to students, perhaps from the local University, and are looking to redecorate between tenants, Painted Surfaces will offer the best quality service, for any painting or decorating job. Please book in advance in order to arrange a site visit, especially if you have a property with students who will move out and redecoration is needed before the next group arrive.

Hotels / Guest Houses / Holiday Lettings

Painted Surfaces can offer painting and decoration for any Hotel, Guest House or Holiday Let. High standards of workmanship are guaranteed to ensure you are fully satisified with our service, working around your business and keeping any disruption to a minimum.

Any area redecorated from one individual guest bedroom, the residents public reception or lounge area, hallways, corridors and staircases. Wooden banisters and ballistrades stripped and re-varnished in situ. Painting and decorating, inside and out, from a small guest house, to an apartment in a holiday home through to the outside of a large hotel, we can help with any makeover any offer advice throughout.

Rest Homes / Retirement Homes / Nursing Homes / Warden Assisted Living Properties

Painted Surfaces will redecorate all internal and external areas of Rest Homes, Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes and Warden Assisted properties, which may be requiring an update of decor or just a freshen up with a lick of paint.

Alex will endeavour to carry out any painting and decorating in an unobtrusive and professional manner, with efficiency to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. All areas inside the building from a small individual bedroom, communal rooms, corridors, stairways, and the outside of the whole property, painted and decorated to your complete satisfaction.

Advice is available regarding colour schemes and wallpapers if that is required. A full be-spoke service is offered and hope you will be pleased with any job we are asked to do.

Doctors / Dentists / Opticians / Hospitals

Painted Surfaces will decorate all public areas and private staff rooms in any medical facility, quickly and efficiently with the minimum of disruption.

Any area emulsioned, wallpaper hung or wood stripped and varnished including stairs, hallways and reception areas. Whether it is emulsion, paper hanging, or just a ceiling that needs repainting, all rooms whether large or small can be quoted for. Please request a written quotation.

Pubs / Bars / Restaurants / Night Clubs

Some areas of the building of the above establishments may need more general redecoration on a more regular basis because of the amount of customers.

With constant movement around the building and general wear and tear of areas like corridors or walls,it may be that just emulsion paint may be needed on some surfaces, to keep the public areas looking spic and span. Painted Surfaces decorators will be more than happy to undertake all types of painting and decorating that may be relevant to your establishment.

Shops / Offices / Theatres / Cinemas

Painted Surfaces painter and decorator can decorate small private staff rooms or larger more public areas, even the whole building if that is required. All areas including staircases and corridors decorated.

Perhaps a staff room just needs an eye catching, trendy wallpaper hung on one wall, perhaps the whole colour scheme needs to be changed. Painted Surfaces offers advice, if required, to help with decision making on colour schemes. All shades and colours of quality, durable paint will be used in conjunction with the existing colour schemes to blend in perfectly.

All local Council offices, and council run buildings, covering services like libraries, painted and decorated.

Banks / Building Society

Painted Surfaces paints and decorates these buildings. All major financial institutions will experience wear and tear, mainly on walls, and in high traffic areas where scrapes, nicks and shoe marks can damage the existing paintwork, certain areas of the building are more susceptible than others. An unsightly area will look uninviting and any repainting that is necessary can be coated quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Painted Surfaces will work around the establishment and the job will be carried out quickly and methodically to ensure a first class, professional finish time after time. If it is only a back office or a staff room that needs a lick of paint to freshen and brighten up areas please contact Painted Surfaces for a competitive quote.

Private Schools / Nurseries / Schools / Academies / Colleges / Universities / Student Accommodation

Painted Surfaces will undertake painting and redecoration of all high traffic areas within learning establishments, which may need to be painted and/or decorated perhaps once a year at the end of the summer term.

All walls, ceilings and stairwells, both reception areas, staff rooms and student classrooms can be painted with emulsion with the minimum of disruption, and perhaps this will need to be done during the summer months between terms.

Advance booking recommended, as the summer months become more popular for decorating jobs. However, any emulsioning on internal areas can be carried out at any time of year, working around the teaching day.

All other areas around the buildings can also be quoted for, maybe you require a more luxurious look for the staff areas, we can advise on that by suggesting a more elborate decorating scheme. To obtain the best possible service please contact us in plenty of time, probably a few months before having the work carried out so that we can plan and organise bookings accordingly.

Gyms / Fitness Clubs

Painted Surfaces understands the popularity of Health Clubs, whether in the private sector or in local council ownership, and realises the importance of keeping all public areas clean, tidy and well looked after. Perhaps it is the coffee shop, the gym area, or changing rooms, all areas can be painted or decorated.

It may be that the interior of the building requires a more luxurious makeover and or a more moderate, basic but eye catching look, our quotes will reflect this. Painted Surfaces aim to be as helpful as possible every step of the way, usually completing jobs with tight schedules, as soon we finish the painting and remove our floor coverings, you have the full use of all floor areas once again.

Church Halls and other commercial, industrial units

Painted Surfaces offers competitive quotes for any painting and decorating work for any commercial property, whether internally or externally. If you would like a quote please contact Painted Surfaces to arrange a site visit and a full written quotation will be supplied upon request. Thank you.

All commercial properties painted and decorated, including insurance work, no job is too small.